Can Pro Restorations, Yellowknife

About Us

Can Pro Restorations is your full-service restoration company.

Locally owned and operated made up of equal partners with over 100 combined years of experience. We are the northern experts for the response, remediation and restoration of commercial and residential property loss in the NWT.

Can Pro Restorations is your single-source solution for all your property restoration requirements from emergency response through to complete reconstruction.

Our Services

Commercial or residential property damage can be difficult and stressful. From fire, smoke, water, wind, structural, or bio-hazard; we have trained personnel with the expertise, experience, and equipment to get the job done correctly and as quickly as possible to mitigate secondary damage from occurring.

We are always on-call, ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Asbestos Abatement

Our employees are certified in the identification, sampling and remediation of products containing asbestos.

  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Duct Wrap
  • Insulation
  • Pipes
  • Plaster
  • Popcorn Ceiling
  • Vents
  • Vermiculite
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles

The presence of asbestos in a building or home is not necessarily dangerous, but it CAN become a serious health risk if it is damaged or disturbed, by releasing asbestos fibers into the air. If these fibers are breathed in, lung disease and certain cancers can result.

We will do a site inspection, take samples for analyzes and then create an abatement plan designed especially for your specific needs.

At Can Pro Restorations, we are professionals who will clean-up, remove and properly dispose of contaminated materials the first time.

Fire / Smoke Restoration

Our employees are IICRC certified in fire and smoke damage restoration.

Depending on the severity of your loss, fire restoration can be a complicated procedure, which should only be handled by our qualified restoration team.

Upon arrival, we will move quickly to secure your property, minimize any secondary damage, assess and process your contents for cleaning and restoration, and conduct a full assessment to provide a comprehensive restoration plan. That may include smoke and odour remediation, deodorizing, soot removal, content cleaning, and structural repairs.

Fuel Spill Remediation

We can contain and control fuel spills for easy clean up and reduce the risk of environmental damage.

Fuel spills can create fires, traffic and pollution threats. Our services provide safe, quick answers to contain and control fuel spills while at the same time reduce the impact of environmental damage. The team at Can Pro Restorations responds rapidly to any emergency and will guide you through the process of fuel spill remediation.

We are able to stop the spill as well as contain and recover the spill. We also ensure that all contaminants are disposed of in the proper manner, and adhere to environmental standards.

General Contracting

Our client/contractor relationship is of the utmost importance for successful completion of all projects.

Can Pro Restorations believe the client/contractor relationship is of the utmost importance for successful completion of all projects. Can Pro Restorations provide all aspects of general contracting, from planning the scheduling of work through to final cleanup, while ensuring quality and cost controls throughout the project. Can Pro Restorations ensure the safety and security of all employees, residents and visitors to all sites by maintaining a safe and clean work site. We offer superior quality workmanship, and the ability to maintain incident free projects.

Lead Abatement

Lead abatement is an action designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards.

Lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health problems if it's ingested or if dust containing lead is inhaled.

We will do a site inspection, take samples for analyzes and then create an abatement plan designed especially for your specific needs.

At Can Pro Restorations, we are professionals who will clean-up, remove and properly dispose of contaminated materials the first time.

Mould Inspections & Remediation

Another frequently experienced problem arising after water and flood damage is the growth of mould.

Mould can be very harmful to those in the immediate environment if left untreated over a long period of time. Mould has been directly associated with allergies, itchy eyes, sore throat, respiratory problems (asthma), rashes, lung infections and even cancer.

Many people do not recognize the dangers linked with inhaling these microscopic mould spores, and often try to remove mould with home remedies such as bleach, which merely changes the colour of the mould and does not get to the root of the problem itself.

The dangers that are associated with mould contamination, remediation requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Containment of the existing mould, controlling the air movement, proper disposal and thorough cleaning of the affected areas are all essential steps to properly abate a mould problem. Can Pro Restorations use the safest, most effective practices for mould removal to ensure that it is completely removed and prevented from returning.

Sewage Remediation

Our employees are IICRC certified in water damage restoration.

Sewage damage is the most dangerous form of water cleanup. The possibility contaminants are high. In planning for the clean-up of a sewage contaminated, there are important considerations that an onsite expert would consider, such as the safety of building entry, health risks to occupants, the scope of clean-up work needed, what materials can be salvaged and what items should be discarded, and the protection of other areas during cleanup.

It is strongly encouraged that a certified technician completed the clean-up.

Water / Flood Restoration

Our employees are IICRC certified in water damage restoration.

Approximately 70% of all property damage is a result of water damage. Depending on the source of the water, type of water and what is wet, our approach will be different. Drying your property as quickly as possible will prevent or limit secondary damages such as paint peeling, swelling of cabinetry, and mould growth etc.

  • Burst or frozen pipes
  • Drain back-ups
  • Floods
  • Sewer back-ups / sewage clean-ups
  • Thermal imaging


I have an emergency – what should I do?

Call your insurance company/agent as soon as possible to report your claim.

Call Us – we will not know your particular insurance policy but we do know; it will say it is your responsibility to limit your losses. In other words, doing nothing may not get you coverage, but doing something protects you and your family!

Do I have to work with the restoration company my insurance company/agent recommends?

Insurance companies are permitted to recommend preferred restoration companies; however, they cannot require you to use a specific company. This is 100% your decision. Can Pro Restorations' promise to you?

Our promise to you is to minimize the impact of your situation by clear communication, quick response and a solid plan of action to alleviate the stress during this unexpected occurrence and restore your property and peace of mind.

Safety and training of Can Pro Restorations' personnel?

Can Pro Restorations' policy is SAFETY FIRST ! We are committed to a healthy and safe work environment for our personnel as well as our customers.

Our personnel have received their FSRT (Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician) and WRT (Water Damage Restoration Technician) certification from The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). IICRC has served as the Industry Guardian for the cleaning, inspection and restoration service industries for more than 30 years.

Can Pro Restorations has accessed a number of trusted training vendors. We do as much training as possible here in the north from the Asbestos & Lead Abatement, Fall Protection, Confined Space to First Aid just to name a few.

Tips for recovering financially:

Prepare a list of damaged or lost items and provide receipts if possible.

Consider photographing or videotaping the damage where it occurred for further documentation to support your claim.

If possible, keep damaged items or portions of those items until the adjuster has visited your home. Do not throw away anything you plan to claim without discussing it with you adjuster first. Keep receipts for all additional expenses that you may incur such as lodging, repairs or other supplies.

Make copies of all documents and pictures given to your adjuster or insurance company.

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